Friday, December 12, 2014

Kumpulan Kata Kata Mutiara Bijak

the first history of Formula One athletics has roots in European car race athletics. Formula One athletics has evolved to become a worldwide sport with fans in over two hundred countries and athletics circuits round the world. During the first years of car racing in Europe, kata kata mutiara rules (formulas) were instituted to make standards for cars and drivers. These rules challenged the racecar builders, referred to as constructors, to develop safer and higher acting cars. before warfare II plans had been set for a World Championship among car race organizations. as a result of athletics was suspended throughout the war, the primary Formula One World Championship wasn't control till 1950. Giuseppe meal won the primary Formula One World Championship at Silverstone, England. throughout the primary years the championship title was given solely to drivers. Since 1958 a further championship title has been awarded to a creator. The award for the drive and also the award for the creator area unit awarded severally. The World Champion title for Formula One athletics is set by some extent system. The eight high drivers and their groups in every car race race area unit given points supported their finishing position. the highest winner and his team every receive ten points. The remaining seven winners and their groups receive eight, 6, 5, 4, 3, two or one purpose. as a result of most groups have 2 automotives in every race a team might receive points for every car if they each end kata mutiara within the high eight. the motive force and also the team with the foremost points every area unit declared the planet Champion. just in case of some extent tie, the motive force or team with the foremost range of car race wins throughout the season wins the award. Today Formula One athletics and World Championship athletics area unit interchangeable terms. World Championship races have continually followed Formula One laws. before 1984, however, there have been Formula One races that failed to count toward the planet Championship. because the expense of collaborating in Formula One athletics enhanced it became tougher to vie in non-world championship events. the ultimate non-championship event was control in 1983. Technical advances in recent years have caused a dramatic increase within the value of Formula One athletics competition. in addition, all Formula One athletics World Champions since 1984 are sponsored by major motorcar makers. freelance athletics groups struggle to afford the technical advances while not major funding. Formula One athletics has lost twenty eight groups and continued money stresses area unit probably to eliminate extra groups. Formula One athletics is a chic and exclusive sport and has evolved into a giant business promoting competition additionally as a competitive sport. Recently new groups owned by motorcar makers have begun to hitch Formula One athletics, taking the place of the freelance groups. The International Automobile Federation (FIA) regulates Formula One athletics nowadays. The Formula One athletics season lasts from early spring through fall. Races area unit control at circuits in Europe and round the world in places kata kata mutiara like China, Australia and Brazil. The 2007 Formula One athletics schedule lists seventeen races round the world. Formula One athletics continues to succeed in a wider audience. New car race locations area unit planned.

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